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Original Content

Shocase Presents inspires, informs and cross-pollinates marketing ideas. This series of mini documentaries shares the perspectives and advice of industry leaders and rising stars.

I acted as Executive Producer on this original content series. As Shocase-owned media, it is one aspect of the media mix developed to build awareness, engage interest and stimulate Shocase membership growth. Social teasers were shared across Twitter, Facebook and select sites. Those snippets linked back to complete episodes and other multipart interviews.

We were fortunate—and honored—to feature these marketing professionals in the inaugural episodes: Chuck McBride, Founder/Chief Creative Officer, Cutwater, Brendan Gahan, Founder, Epic Signal, Kit Hinrichs, Founder/Creative Director, Studio Hinrichs, Dream Rockwell, Co-Founder/Executive Producer, The Do LaB, Jason Harris, President/CEO, Mekanism.


Shocase Presents

Chuck McBride
Founder/Chief Creative Officer, Cutwater

Getting to Greatness

Diminish the Good, And Go With The Great…

Brendan Gahan
Founder, Epic Signal


Adapt or Die

The Future of Video

Kit Hinrichs
Founder/Creative Director, Studio Hinrichs

Great Design

Dream Rockwell
Co-Founder/Executive Producer
, The Do LaB

The Creative Tightening

Jason Harris
President/CEO, Mekanism

Storytelling for Emerging Media