Stardust | Blue & Yellow


A perfect decor accent for the space fan’s desk, bookshelf or end-table. This stained-glass-like sculpture brings a bit of science-fantasy to any room.

• Colors: Blue & Yellow
• Dimensions: 6.6L x 8W x 3.5H inches
• Material: Acrylic

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Product Story

This science-fantasy rocket is named in tribute to Davie Bowie. As Ziggy Stardust, his sci-fi alter-ego, Bowie took music to a new dimension. Along with his band—The Spiders from Mars—he was an extraterrestrial rock star on a mission to save the world through music. In a delightful twist 38 years later, astronaut Chris Hatfield broadcast his rendition of Bowie’s Space Oddity from the International Space Station — making it the first music video shot in space. My just seeing this spaceship transport your imagination to another galaxy.


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