Getting decision makers’ attention, time and ultimately budget approval.


CMO’s Go-To Resource: Shocase

Shocase CMO Collateral


The Way Energy Works: Constellation NewEnergy

[Constellation NewEnergy sells futures contracts to large electricity users to help reduce input cost and pricing risks.]

This radio campaign helped dispel the myth that Chief Financial Officers don’t have a sense of humor. Not only that, it opened the door for Constellation NewEnergy to establish new relationships and sell mutually-beneficial, high-value futures contracts.

Targeted Mail

Mensa Diploma Mailer: Intelliware

[Intelliware are custom software developers — they solve the toughest computing problems.]

CTOs of banks and financial institutions were the target of this targeted mail campaign. The piece was framed and wrapped in plain brown paper. The faux diploma featured the specific CTO’s name.

Copy: You could look like you belong in Headline: Mensa High I.Q. Society. Solve your most challenging computing problems with the help of Canada’s brightest team of software developers. And in the eyes of your organization you’ll look brilliant. We’re Intelliware Custom Software developers. We specialize in solving the most challenging application issues— from complex financial analytics to data intensive processing. Call Greg McKenzie at 416-762-0032 x226 or email greg@intelliware.ca. It’ll be one of the smartest decisions you’ve ever made.


Unlock: Precima

[Precima is a retail analytics company that uncovers strategic business insights from customer data.]


Can Do: Bombardier (BBDA)

[Bombardier Inc. is a multinational aerospace and transportation company with a rich history of engineering accomplishments. We created this campaign to introduce Wall Street to the ‘Can Do’ attitude of this Canadian company. ]