Gee Bee | Ghost (Large)


A perfect decor accent for the car lover's desk, bookshelf or end-table. Stained-glass-like sculpture brings a splash of color and design to any room.

• Color: Tangerine
• Dimensions: 9L x 12W x 6H inches
• Material: Acrylic


Product Story

Historic Hero
An aeronautical sculpture inspired by the Gee Bee Pylon Racer. It was created with the aircraft lover and pilot in mind.

Champion plylon racer, the Granville Brothers’ Gee Bee model R-1 was unique — and dangerous. Piloted by Jimmy Doolittle, it was victorious in the 1932 Thompson race. Doolitle also flew it to a world landplane speed record of 296mph that same year in the Shell Speed Dash.
However, it’s 800hp Pratt & Whitney powerplant, skinny wings, and small control surfaces, made it a handful for all but the most skilled pilots. A number of fatal crashes destroyed all the original earned the aircraft a dangerous reputation.


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